Caring for leather shoes

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Shoes made ​​of leather are among the strongest of all footwear. Often they are more expensive than other models of shoes, but their life is longer. The appropriate cares for them, naturally, influence the good appearance of the shoe. It is not enough to just clear them of the dust and dirt. Each shoe requires a minimum of effort.

Leather shoes offer great comfort when wearing them and have a big life. It should be taken into account, however, that more or less leather shoes stretch after a while, though, it is important whether the leather is smooth or of suede.

The first tip that will give you a professional cobbler is this – avoid wearing the same pair of shoes for more than one day without leaving it for a 24 hours break. This rest allows the moisture that is always collected during the wearing to get away. The next lesson is to not leave your shoes close to an artificial heat source as this can lead to cracks in the material. It is essential to remember that it is better to use tensioners for your shoes from natural wood, which soak up the moisture and also help to protect the original shape of the shoe, as well as prevent the generation of pores on the leather. In case it is possible always use a shoehorn, because it will also help for the preserving and the good appearance of the shoe. If you just follow these instructions, you have already helped for the preservation of your shoes.

Cleaning your leather shoes

One of the main things you need to do first is to remove the coarse dirt with a soft brush, particularly for the smooth leather. In rare cases, you may apply a damp cloth for removing dust and other dirt. Then let the shoes dry out a bit. Next are applied the special creams for leather shoes. Finally, to shine the shoes, they must be polished with a soft cloth or brush. This practice is a good to be done as much as possible more often. In order to be saved from moisture, the shoes must be impregnated. This is a process in which is applied a fine layer of a substance consisting mostly of wax base, sold as a cream or spray.

The requirements for hygiene and maintenance for suede shoes are slightly differentiated. With this type of shoe it is best to get a special brush for suede. This brush is made of special brass hair and will best take care of your suede. With the brush is made the so called combing, and through it are removed the dust and dirt and the suede begins to glow. For the maintenance of shoes from the leather type nubuck is best the crape brush that is made ​​of special material to keep the coating of the shoe.

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