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We all have light and comfortable clothes for the summer. But do we think about our feet and the shoes? They also need comfort, health and aesthetics.

The problems

According to a study conducted recently in the United States among 100 people, summer slippers with which we are going, could lead to problems. During the study, doctors measured the movement of the legs and feet shod in different types of slippers.

The main conclusion is that people, who wear slippers, make extraordinary effort with their feet to keep the shoe in place, leading to a heavy load on the ankles and forefoot. This load is absent or less when wearing other shoes. When we walk with slippers, our steps are more hewn and this leads again to further efforts.

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To solve this problem, it is best to use slippers that are closed at the back, or at least fixed with a strap. This will reduce the effort to keep them on the feet. It is recommended that and the front straps of the slippers to be more stable. Thus, our feet will not slip. Another important detail of the comfortable slippers is the hollow for the heel. It should be well defined. This way the foot will step more comfortable and secure.

Without the solid support, the foot loses its ability to absorb the impact of walking. Thus, the ankle, forefoot, knee, hips and spine are loaded again. Therefore, doctors advise if we are having a long walk, to pick sneakers or athletic shoes to avoid unnecessary strain on the legs.

The efforts of the knees, hips and back to compensate for the excessive burden could lead to health problems, especially for people who have suffered from pain in these areas. Ill-fitting shoes could lead to other changes in the foot and ankle as the appearance of corns, constant pain in the heel or foot, and even strains.

What should the comfortable slippers be?

In the first place they must have support for the heel. It is recommended to have straps on the back or even to be closed. It is better to be fixed and at the front, for example through a few straps for greater stability. If we really want to have comfortable slippers for the summer, is best to choose an orthopedic model.

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And moccasins?

This is a shoe that is worn often throughout the summer. Doctors, however, are clear – our feet will pay a high price, especially if you wear them for a long walk.

Comfortable footwear is required in situations when we walk more than usual. For example, on trips or vacations. If you load the legs with plenty of walking and you are wearing unstable shoes without proper support, the result will be present – tired legs and pain in different parts of the body.

In conclusion, U.S. doctors say that wearing uncomfortable slippers is no different than wearing shoes with five inch or even higher heels.

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