Operation Cinderella: Would you do this to your feet?

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A frightening trend in the plastic surgery is gaining wider popularity among the ladies


The pursuit at all costs to fit into certain norms over the past years has worked entirely in favor of the plastic surgery, which annually becomes part of their life for more and more people. And if some time ago modern were the corrections of the bust, butt, nose and lips, today the fashion is a little different and … absurd.


After seeing the trend more and more ladies to adjust their hands especially to look good on the wedding photos with a ring, today will pay attention to a not less frightening “plastic” fashion. Namely – the so called operation of Cinderella.


Meet Paulina Charlikovska. Unlike most of the women for her shopping for shoes is not a pleasure, but a real nightmare. Because from an early childhood she experienced complexes to the appearance of her feet.


Paulina’s problem lies in the fact that the second and third finger of her feet are longer than the thumbs – a sight that she considers to be extremely unaesthetic. In addition, the number of shoes suitable for her feet is 42, which according to her is exceptionally ugly and unpleasant for the others.


For this reason Paulina for many years buys only closed shoes with a smaller size, which in her view visually „stow her disgusting feet.” At the same time, however, namely the more narrow and short shoes further worsen her problems because they create irreversible injuries and deformities of the feet.


So one day the 30-year-old British decided of the final step, called the operation of Cinderella – a series of procedures that change the shape and size of the feet. Usually it comes to extending or shortening of the toes, removal of “protruding” bones and suction of excess fat from the thumbs.


The whole “pleasure” has cost Paulina 4,500 pounds, and a few weeks of subsequent pain and difficult mobility. Today she is wearing shoes number 40, and the sandals are part of her everyday life.


Paulina Charlikovska however is not among the few who have undergone such a brutal procedure for correction of the feet. On the contrary, it appears that the trend started from USA, and is now currently overflowing as a wave the residents of the UK. A curious fact is that the number of the gentlemen, who have undergone the surgery of Cinderella, tends towards zero.


And, although in most cases the corrections are successful, often happens and vice versa. The most frequent complaint so far is associated with long-lasting pain in the toes, but orthopedists believe that the consequences of such an operation could be much more terrible and are currently under intensive investigation process.


Think well before you undergo this brutal procedure, “thanks” to which thereafter you will need at least three months leave from work for the recovery.

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