11 top tips against swollen legs

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The inflammation of the limbs can be characteristic for people who have traveled for too long and find it difficult to adapt to the respective climate, but sometimes it can be a sign of edema in the legs. Some of the main symptoms of their swelling are difficulty in breathing, fever, skin discoloration and chest pain. There are different methods to relieve the discomfort, and these are the top 11 of the most widespread. Here they are:


Practice exercises

Swimming is one of the best exercises against swollen legs. It stimulates the blood circulation and prevents the accumulation of blood in the lowest parts of the body. The practicing of yoga or jogging helps to maintain the activity of the legs.


Lift up your legs

Lift your legs higher than the rest of the body and hold them in such way for 30 minutes. Repeat the procedure every day. In this way the organism helps the body to eliminate the redundant accumulated liquids.


Move more

If you work far too long sitting down, it is best often to get up and walk around for a few minutes. In this way is prevented the swelling of the legs and feet.


Wear compression stockings

The wearing of compression stockings helps the blood vessels by preventing the appearance of varicose veins.


Eat healthily

Try to avoid excessive consumption of salt, since it contributes to fluid retention in the body. Emphasize more on fruits, vegetables and lean proteins. This helps to strengthen the whole body as well as to prevent the swelling of the lower limbs.


Do not smoke

If you smoke, it is better to leave the harmful habit. Yes, it is difficult, but smoking is one of the main causes for swelling of the limbs.


Drink more water

Consume more water to keep the tissues hydrated and to purify your organism.


Make yourself a massage of the legs and feet

The massaging of the legs helps to stimulate the blood circulation and reduce the pain and inflammation.


Do foot baths with English (Epsom salt)

Dip your legs in a basin of warm water and a handful of Epsom salt and relax. This will help to relieve the discomfort.


Provide your organism with magnesium

 Some of the most common diseases are associated with magnesium deficiency. The consumption of foods rich in the mineral in question as well as the intake of nutritional supplements helps to relieve the swollen legs.


Use natural apple cider vinegar

It might sound strange, but the application of natural apple cider vinegar on the inflamed areas contributes to relieve the pain. This natural product has an effective action that helps to eliminate the accumulated liquids.


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