4 methods for prevention of flatfoot

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To reinforce and strengthen the correct position of our feet, it is necessary to apply some simple methods. They will help us to prevent flatfoot and not only. The collapse of the arch causes subsequent pain in the lower back and the whole spine. It is therefore of utmost importance to step properly. See how you can protect yourself from the so-called splayfoot.


  1. Foot Massage – you could easily do it to yourself by gently massaging your feet with your fingers or fist, moving from the heel towards the toes. Begin from the inner part of the foot, then in the middle, and finally at its periphery.


  1. Contrasting foot baths, alternating hot and cold water – first do a warm bath with sea salt, pine needles or chamomile followed by rinsing the legs with cold water.


  1. Walking barefoot on uneven surfaces – sand, pebbles, grass or trails in the woods.


  1. Pay attention to your shoes – avoid low quality shoes with quickly deformable soles.


We also suggest exercises for feet against flatfoot and fatigue in the legs.


Besides the choice of comfortable shoes and maintenance of hygiene, to the care for your feet you should also include regular physical exercises. Through them we prevent the occurrence of fatigue and different disabilities, such as flatfoot. Perform these simple exercises barefoot, as you may be lying down or sitting:


  • bend your toes, then spread them like a fan;
  • touch and then apart your feet from one another;
  • try putting on a sock by just using the other leg;
  • grasp various small objects between your toes and with the whole foot;
  • try to write with a pen placed between the thumb and forefinger of your feet;
  • lie on your back and make circular movements with your feet as if you are riding a bike;
  • walk on a rod or rope lying on the ground;
  • walk barefoot on uneven terrain, grass, sand, gravel and other embossed surfaces.

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