Children’s summer shoes from REEBOK and Barbie

Conquered by the summer temperatures outside we offer you some really good suggestions for your child from brands known for their quality materials and workmanship.

The first pair are exceptionally cute slipper type shoes for the youngest sweeties who have just started walking. These shoes form REEBOK  are very comfortable for the just starting to walk kids because of the lightweight materials from which they are made ​​and the ability of the shoe to flex as much as possible, so as to leave the feet feel free and light. In this way the foot is not limited by hard leather or soles that will weigh. As we all know it is best for the kid to make its first steps barefoot, but in those conditions in which we live is not always possible to let your baby go barefoot. Therefore, these shoes protect the children’s foot without limiting it.

They are easy to put on, because they are widened and the patches of velcro with which they are fastened slightly tighten the foot. They have soft sole and also soft leather at the ankle, heel and upper part.



The following summer sports shoes are light little sneakers that are quite interesting. Besides being very comfortable a model again by REEBOK, they will enchant your baby with the lights that they produce as the feet step on the ground. The almost flat sole makes them extremely light for each leg, and this is one of the things that your child needs in the upcoming warm days. At the same time there is no danger to injure the foot from the bumps on the streets. The soft leather from which the upper part is made as well as the rubber sole, leave a feeling of lightness, seamless running, and last but not least the flickering of the heel which can help you to orientate where the small rascal is.







Last but not least we will introduce these interesting summer sandals from Barbie, which are solely for the princesses. The candy pink color, the company logo and the beautiful flower on the front, leave no doubt in your child, which already has claims for something more, that these are exactly the dreamed by it sandals. They are also incredibly comfortable and do not allow the leg to brew or sweat, for the fact that are used exclusively and only natural materials. The sole that mimics knitted bamboo is actually of synthetic material that is very soft and the stepping of your child will be a pleasure for her. The inner part as well as the upper part of the sandals is also made ​​from synthetic materials, hypoallergenic that will protect children’s skin from abrasion or other coarse interaction.

The summer is yet in its height and the types of shoes are so many that you cannot do anything else but to load with mood for shopping and time to visit all the stores for the best for your child or just to look at the vast depths of the Internet.

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