Effective care for the shoes in rain and snow

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Take care of your favorite accessories to always look flawless

With the autumn and winter seasons comes and the time to replace your opened sandals and light ballerinas with more massive shoes to keep your feet from cold, rain and snow. And in this case, it is important not only the qualitative production of the shoe but also its proper maintenance.


In today’s article we will reveal some valuable tips about exactly how to care for the boots, booties and other kinds of shoes which you intend to leverage in the fight against the cold and bad weather.


Care for smooth leather

To protect your leather shoes from cracking, discoloration and damage, it is necessary to care for them with products based on beeswax, natural oils and silicones.


It is important at least once a week to “spoil” your favorite accessories with a special cream that refreshes the color and cares for the leather, and in addition also has water-repellent properties.


For cases when you are in motion and you have urgent need to polish your shoes, the ideal product is of those with a large or small sponge for quick refreshment of shoes and smooth leather products. It is soaked with silicone and instantly gives shine.


Care for nubuck and suede

In this case, your first friend should be a brush specifically designed for these specific fabrics. Once you thoroughly clean your shoes with it, you can continue with liquid paint, which is available in a version of a spray or with a sponge nozzle and acts in several ways: intensively refreshes the color, protects against moisture and nourishes the nubuck and suede.


Universal care

Well-known is the passion of women for the shoes. If you are among the ladies who can boast with an enviable amount of accessories of this type, in that in all sorts of combinations of colors and materials, then you undoubtedly need combined care which would handle equally well with smooth, lacquer or suede leather, nubuck, synthetics and textiles.

Precisely such a product is the cleaning foam for all types of leather and textiles that easily cleans dirty areas, removes stains from snow and salt while protecting against moisture and retains the color of your favorite shoes.

If even in the winter you can not part with your favorite high heels, but want to avoid the unpleasant feeling for your feet, necessarily bet on the soft insoles with which you will step as with cushions.


Their delicate latex surface prevents the feet from slipping and softens every step. The unpleasant burning sensation in the foot and the heel is prevented. The breathable insole has an antibacterial effect, optimally absorbs the moisture and prevents from unpleasant odor.

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