Fashion trends in the shoes for autumn-winter

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Bright personality and seduction… The fashion trends in the shoes for the autumn offer a variety of exquisite and stylish solutions for beautiful female feet. It is important to note that this season will be worn high-heeled shoes or flat soled ones and will be used saturated colors, textured materials and interesting prints.


The fashion tendencies in the shoes absolutely inconsistently offer and flat sole with a low heel, but in limited cases concerning the boots and the men’s shoes. Modern will be sharp or slightly rounded toes and clean lines.


The high boots are back in fashion, as their height is not strictly defined. Pay attention to the material, its color and the unusual shape.


The laces are very fashionable for the women’s shoes this autumn. There are models of boots that reach the ankle and are made entirely of lace. Designers offer the shoes to be worn with socks to reproduce the effect of lace. Laces made of leather are even offered.


For the boots this season are typical pointed toes and high heels. Some of them cover the ankle with a thin strap, while others climb almost to the knee.


The most modern shoes for the season are again with high heels and fasten with a T-shaped clasp at the ankle.


The traditional men’s shoes and boots in the form of “moccasins” and “Oxford shoes” are one of the fashion trends of the season.


The colors with a metallic tinge are extremely effective and popular trend for the autumn collections of women’s shoes. Do not limit yourself with a choice of silver. Use totally different shades for the boots, shoes and ankle boots in order to stand out from the crowd.


And this season will become obsolete the toes and even the heels to stand out from the rest of the shoe, as for this most commonly is used silver or gold fabric. For this purpose can be used and any other materials such as plastic or wood, for example.


Long-haired fur again takes its place in the fashion trends for the autumn-winter season. The smooth leather is used as a basic material or as part of such in the combined models. Leather with long hairs serves as a decoration and builds the image of the shoe. Note the colorful combinations because they are really fashionable.


One of the fashion trends are also and the women’s shoes made of fabric. Combinations of different fabrics and prints such as flowers and abstract geometric shapes are the most popular.


This season will be fashionable the shoes of leather – smooth skin, patent leather and leather of various reptiles. Suede and its combination with different textured materials will also be a current fashion trend.


Ladies shoes for the fall can be wholly or partly made of materials with actual prints – floral, animal or abstract. Extremely feminine will be the shoes with embroidery.


The designers have used the entire color palette of the season in their collections with ladies shoes for the autumn – black, brown, beige, burgundy, dark green, dark blue, mustard and gray color, but still the contrasting combinations do not come out of the fashion trends.

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