Flat shoes from MERRELL – Oceania

This year will definitely be the year of the flat, comfortable shoes for the ladies. We may say that there is almost no designer this season, which has not put shoes of this type in his line. Therefore we will not stay behind the trends and will propose you something like a short review of a model of shoes from this type, which really impressed us. We are talking about the model Oceania by MERRELL, American designers, that we believe will leave an imprint in the shoes fashion, similarly to Ed Hardy and his tattooed shoes.

The design itself is neither sports, nor strictly elegant, we think that they might be successfully worn as with a sweat suit, jeans or other sportswear, as well as with a slightly official skirt or suit, but not of course with the classic formal trousers. And for the design of the shoe and to be more precise the outsole, this is a great everyday shoe, with which even if you are standing for hours, as is necessary in some professions, you will not feel the piercing pain at the end of the working day in your feet, ankles etc. Moreover, thanks to the two openings at the back of the shoe, the foot is able to breathe freely and there is no danger of sweating, unpleasant smell and the appearance of fungi and other annoying things.

The materials are natural leather, type nubuck for the main part, molten and pressed nylon for the front and rubber for the outsole, which allows maximum bending of the foot along with the shoe. That leaves a feeling of walking without shoes, which is very healthy for the feet. We chose to show you the model in green, avocado, but this is not the only color in which they are offered. You can find them in black, sandy, brown, yellow, like sunflower and others. In any case, this is a very interesting and at the same time comfortable shoe, for which you will not regret you spent your money on.


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