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The proper care for your feet


Every woman needs to take care of her feet. Their good appearance is as important as the one of the hands. The pretty manicure and pedicure are essential throughout the year and especially in the summer months.


Your feet will be on display all summer long and therefore, if you do not want to feel embarrassed every time you take off your shoes, you will have to take special daily care for your feet.


The right care for the feet


Tip № 1: Always select the appropriate shoes. No matter how much you like their looks, you must never buy too loose or too narrow shoes. This applies also to the choice of sports shoes – trainers and sneakers.


Tip № 2: The feet need massages and regular exercise. They should be done every day, especially in the summer months. It is good also to pay attention to your toenails two times a week.


If you want to have beautiful and clean feet make soap foot baths. For this purpose, soak both of your feet for about 20 minutes in warm soapy water.


After soaking your feet rub them thoroughly with the help of pumice stone and a hard foot brush. In this way you will remove the layer of dead cells from your skin.


Just before finishing the procedure, make a slight massage to your feet for a couple of minutes. When your feet are already completely dry anoint them with an appropriate cream. Choose a good moisturizing oily cream for even better effect.


Before going to bed put on thick cotton socks to allow the cream to absorb well into your skin. In the morning you will be impressed by the achievements.


Tip № 3: The care for your toenails is of essential importance. Once every four days you should file and shape them. This will keep them always in perfect shape. Remember to not cut them too deep.


The pain is sometimes unbearable and this is not useful at all as it can increase the risk of ingrowth of the nails. To add a bit more shine, rub the juice of fresh orange or lemon in your nails. In this way you will disinfect and nourish them.


With just a little bit of effort you will achieve amazing results. After all the proper care for the feet is important for any lady who wants to look superb.


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