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The shoes can tell a lot about your character. Besides the condition and their model, their color also reveals much.


Perhaps everyone knows that the white color symbolizes purity and innocence. If you like white shoes, you are perfectionists. But if you like darker colors for your shoes, then you are a down to earth person.


People who wear brown shoes are not afraid of challenges and are very strong in character. They constantly prove themselves and easily solve every conceivable problem.


Those who fall for the bright and warm tones are very cheerful. The ladies who like yellow shoes are communicative and like new acquaintances. They constantly work hard to achieve their goals.

Those who are attracted to the color orange are always optimistic, a little strange, but quite entertaining personalities. The pink color issues fickleness and whims.

The red color is a symbol of love and women who like red shoes are very passionate. They insist on being independent and are always the center of attention.


The green color speaks of calmness and confidence. If you like this color you are realistic.

If you like blue shoes, then you are quiet, very reserved and extremely patient people. You prefer domestic coziness rather than going to noisy places and you often isolate yourself from other people.

The purple color is a symbol of luxury. If you are into it, this means you are aristocrats and want to be materially secured in order to be independent. But nevertheless, you are wise and balanced people.


If you like shiny and golden ladies shoes you always defend your own position, even if it is wrong. You want to rule over everything and everyone.

The gray color is boring, but not the people who like it. They are very mysterious and neat.

The classic black issues conservatism and traditionalism. Those who wear mostly black shoes care a lot for their appearance, style and sophistication.

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