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“Light and cheerful spring comes with quiet steps.” Just so you might think. Fashion coryphaeus decided otherwise. This spring tamped heavy platforms and is walking “with hobnailed boots.” Anyway, this is the situation with the news of the world’s fashion capitals. And yet in what position will end our feet with the onset of the new season?

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Above all, we will be comfortable. Shoes – even with very high currents – have a platform that mitigates the situation. There are almost no shoes with pointed tips, which means that our feet will feel comfortable in reasonably and anatomically adapted forms. Furthermore, flat ballet slippers with soles as orange peel are still on the crest of the wave.

Shoes of the spring are in soft colors and are firmly grounded in reality. For the transitional days a good choice are semi booties with no heel, decorated with large metallic buckles, which can perfectly be combined with thick socks. A good solution for the cool and still undefined in temperature terms afternoons. Returning are the not big square heels, favorite to designers from the time of the minimalism, i.e. of ten or slightly more years ago. Curiously today is that these stable shoes combine carefree with silk and satin skirts. It seems extravagant. And fun.


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You love patent leather shoes? Your time comes. Romance, radiant mood and purity exhale from most of the collections this spring. Shiny shoes with the look of glazed pastries create mood and certainly gain attention. In general the rule (at this for several years) says “the more retro shades present in your clothing and accessories, the more fashionable you look.” This also applies to shoes. Ballet slippers, tango or waltz shoes, all classical dances are tolerated. And all of a sudden our feet merrily started to dance. In defiance of care.

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