How many pairs of boots do we need for the winter?

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The time has come to buy boots for the winter, and we ladies should follow a few rules. But whether all of us know them? Maybe we know the rules, but not all observe them. If you do not know them, we would like to tell you about them in the following lines.

The most important rule is to choose the boots with inspiration. If you select the particular model with love that means that it deserves to be bought and worn with pleasure! But how to choose among this great offering?


The first and easiest way before you go shopping is to grab a fashion magazine and quickly browse it. Check it out quickly, see what ladies boots offer the fashion scenes and your choice will be easier. Get to know the fashionable colors and fabrics in order to ease yourself when you choose and not be fooled by the sellers. It is good also to assess whether these particular models suit your figure. If you could not obtain the information you need for the boots from the magazine that you have reviewed, do the next step, which is quite easy – turn on the TV and check several fashion channels. There is no way not to inform which ladies boot will be in vogue, and besides that you will find many more interesting facts about the fashionable clothing and accessories. Also you will understand more and for the models that suit your age, in order not to make the mistake of buying a model of boots for example appropriate for a girl, while you are in middle age. Remember that your main goal is to put on winter boots that conceal the imperfections in your legs and emphasize your femininity!


Personally, I like a lady regularly buying fashion magazines and often digging through the television fashion channels have reached the conclusion that the fashionable is not always the best for me. In the last two years the fashion is trying to impose the wearing of women’s boots with contrasting outfits to be able to stand out before them. Personally for me this not is one of the most appropriate solutions and I mainly bet on black.

If you have occasion to go out to the disco, or you are a business lady and you are in a business meeting, you will have to resort to an elegant boot, which is in a classic color, black and beige are preferred. You must also comply with the height of the current. It is best to be medium-high in order for you to dance long into the disco, or to pronounce your long speech to your subordinates.


If you are an engaged woman like me and rarely find time for a disco or party, I would say that your model is the ladies boot for every day. It should be practical, on a comfortable heel with thick lining and of leather.

Is there a woman who does not want to have more than one pair of boots for the cold weather? Of course not. I too am one of those ladies who have 3-4 pairs of boots for every winter – the first type is with heel, the second is low, the third on a platform, and one mandatory of genuine leather for the very cold weather. So it turns out that the only one pair is not enough for us. It is good that the prices of the shoes are acceptable nowadays.


Finally in conclusion we can say that the winter shoes must be of high quality and we should not insist on their quantity but primarily on their quality.

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