How to care for our shoes in order to please us for a longer time

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Initially shoes were intended to protect the human foot from the many adverse factors such as hackly terrain, deep snow and sands through which our ancestors have moved in order to seek food or to move from one place to another. Later, the shoes are not only a way to keep our feet safe, but also as an expression of our social status, an expression of what we like, a way to highlight an outfit or part of our body.

Of course, in order to enjoy our acquisition for a longer time, and for it to serve us, we must take special care. The main factor that depends on how you take care of your shoes is the material of the shoes. The next few steps will give you a tentative advice on how to care for your shoes, according to the material from which they are made.

The first and most common material from which is produced a pair of shoes is leather. Natural or artificial, it is present in every shoe. Improper storage and care of the shoes can cause drying, cracking and flaking. Therefore at a given period of time leather shoes need to be moisturized, for this purpose serve a variety of polishing products you can find on the market – gels, paints, liquid or dry pastes and more. Apart from protection polishing products are very suitable if you want your shoes to look clean and representative. You can find polishing products in every shoe store.

The second most common materials for making shoes are nubuck and suede. In appearance both materials are very similar to the natural leather, but unlike it are too delicate and easily damaged from contact with water. Therefore, if you want for a long time to wear your favorite suede boots or those from nubuck you have to be very careful where you leave them, or not to wet them and then leave the wet stain on them. To clean these shoes, when they get dirty, you will need only a soft brush to remove the dirt. Sometimes, these shoes are so dirty that the only way to renew them is to either buy new or to scrape the top layer of leather, which by the way can be done, but only by a shoemaker.

And the last material of which are made shoes is textiles. Shoes textiles are not difficult to clean. Shoes of this material are your sports shoes, sneakers, slippers and casual flat shoes, ballerina type. This kind of shoes are cleaned very easily, because you can safely wash them either by hand or in the washing machine, without having to worry that you may damage the materials.

There are a lot of ways that you can clean shoes, but these are the most common materials of which are produced shoes and therefore we offered the most spread methods of cleaning. Remember that shoes have just as much need of care than to say your favorite dress.

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