How to keep the shoes of the little man in perfect shape

Children are like small tornadoes, especially the ones who have just started to walk, who have discovered how good it is to run on their own without mommy holding their hands while tottering. For this purpose, you will need to equip the little man with a pair of nice shoes. Or at least keep a worn pair from brother, sister, cousins ​​or friends. Because as much as you want the best for the child, sometimes you can make a compromise because money does not grow on trees and also children grow rapidly their clothes and shoes and not at all protect them, but it is not necessary in this age of discovery and games. But there are several ways in which to save money and still have well maintained children’s shoes.

Buy two pairs of shoes for the child – for playing and for special occasions, even when this means it is going to visit its grandmother in another city. If the child has only one pair of shoes, it will wear them out too quickly and therefore they will be worn faster, ground that there is nothing to replace them with when necessary.

Clean the shoes at the end of the day – I know what you can think, what madman would go clean the children’s shoes every day. I will tell you – the crazy but clever mother. But all you have to do is to wipe the shoes every night with a damp cloth and thus protect shoes from dust and dirt. It may not seem as a big deal but you should know that there is a big difference and thereby the shoe stays longer clean and preserved.

Wash the shoes often – Yes, just put them at least once a week in the laundry. You may also do it by hand, but if they are textile nothing prevents you to slip them in the machine with a little bleach, which will make the shoes light up, like brand new. For colorful shoes use detergent that is for colored laundry and removes stains. Do not forget to remove the laces before that, if they have any.

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