How to make your favorite heels more comfortable to wear

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A few tricks that will save your feet from pain and injuries

Each of you has at least one favorite pair of high-heeled shoes, with which you look awesome, but walking on them is a torture. Beauty requires sacrifice, but it is never pleasant when you are getting tired after five steps and at the end of the evening your feet are covered with wounds. Surely you do not look sexy if your feet hurt and you can barely walk.

However, women will never give up their favorite high heels that make them feel more feminine. That is why we offer a few tips that will make your experience on the high shoes far more enjoyable and painless.

  1. Keep at hand a roll-on or stick deodorant

The colorless roll-on or stick will do wonders for your comfort. Smear the shoes, especially on the underside of the straps. Thus your foot will not rub in them but will slide.

  1. Choose shoes with more straps and buckles

If your shoes can be adjusted by straps and buckles, you will fell much more comfortable. You can adjust them according to the shape of the foot and thus avoid the appearance of blisters.

  1. Take care of your shoes

Hurry to find a good cobbler and often give your favorite heels to him. The high shoes are more demanding and require a special maintenance. The caps of the currents must be replaced regularly because they wear out quickly and the surface becomes uneven. This makes the shoes more inconvenient and even dangerous to wear.

  1. “Walk” the new heels

There is nothing more comfortable than a pair of shoes in which you have already walked, and they already fit well to your feet. That is exactly what you need to do with a pair of new heels – wear them a few days at home and then go out with them outside. Thus the matter of which they are made, will relax and the chance to get blisters is much smaller.

  1. Buy shoes in the evening

Go shopping for new heels at the end of the day when you have already been walking around all day. Then your feet will be slightly swollen from the fatigue throughout the day and you will consider best whether the given shoes will be comfortable or not.

  1. Be certain exactly what size you wear

Certainly you have measured the exact size of your feet a long time ago. You have some idea what size fits you, but the size of the shoes changes over the years. Also the sizes vary in the different brands of shoes. It is good to measure your feet from time to time in order to orient faster in the sizes.

  1. Change your gait

Your gait when you wear high heels should be different from that with which you wear low shoes. Imagine that you are on the podium during a fashion show and use your hips and thighs more to make bold steps forward. You should feel a slightly springing action and your posture must be upright.

  1. Tape your toes with adhesive tape

It sounds strange, but if you stick the middle and ring finger of your feet together with adhesive tape or a sticker you will avoid the pain while walking. Right there is located the nerve, which is responsible for these pains. It strains when there is support from the other toe.

  1. Try the trick with the ice

If your shoes are slightly narrow, you can do the following – fill two bags halfway with water, put them in your shoes and leave your shoes in the freezer overnight. The water will expand after the freezing and extend your shoes.

  1. Wear shoes with leather insoles

The leather insoles are more comfortable, softer and allow the foot to move more freely inside the shoe. You can always replace the insole of the shoes and make them more comfortable.

  1. Make sure that the soles bend

The soles must be made of leather, to be movable. If you can not move your feet freely, then in no case it will be convenient to walk with these shoes. The hard plastic soles will make you feel like your legs are tied to a board.

  1. Use silicone insoles

These helpers can save your feet and will make shoes far more comfortable. There are many different types – with different shape and size. See exactly where your problem is and obtain the required insole.

  1. Wear shoes with thicker heels

All women are fans of the stiletto shoes, but they are also the most unwieldy. The thicker heels are the better and more reasonable choice as they help to distribute the burden more evenly. Thus, the tension in the forefoot will be less.

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