Ladies’ pretty sandals from Seychelles

The summer comes with full force and we just could not resist the temptation to introduce you to another summer offer from the shoe industry. This time we chose some amazing summer sandals with cork platform whose appearance alone speaks of heat, summer, sea, salty splashes and innocent or not so flirting.

The sandals are totally negligee, i.e. suitable for everyday clothing, beach dresses, short skirts, which are hiding new swimsuit, tanned skin and an amazing summer mood. Absolutely in the style of summer, their upper part is in a color print in pink and yellow flowers, the very fabric from which they are made ​​is painted leather at the front part as well as the straps that gently hug the foot, while the huge yellow flowers which so stand out, are made of synthetic material. Although at the front the sandals are not completely open, but to see only two of the fingers, the skin does not press the other fingers by not causing them to stand on top of each other so that you are able to put them on.

The height of the platform is sufficient to make you noticeable, more elegant, and slim and with incredibly attractive legs or more precisely calves. In the front part the platform is one inch high, which is 2 cm and 50 mm and in the back part, where the heel is the height is 4 inches or slightly more than 10 cm. But though the sandals impress with such great height, the platform steps softly and you barely feel that you are walking with high shoes. However, be careful, because no matter how comfortable they are, these are high heels and walking too fast or running can cause a dislocation of the ankle and cursing of the producers from Seychelles. But they have hardly wanted that – rather their mission is to please any woman and make her feel beautiful and incredibly desirable.

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