Let’s deal with the sweating of the feet

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“No” to the unpleasant odors 

 The problem of odorous legs can create quite inconveniences, particularly in the warm weather. Although sweat usually has no smell, the bacteria which in the warm weather begin to grow faster, generate precisely the fetid smell. How can we deal with this situation using the various products on the market.


The smell can be reduced

Many powders and sprays for feet conceal the smell, but in practice do not solve the actual problem. Antiperspirants, which we use under the armpits, are not suitable for our feet. Therefore, it is better to choose a foot powder or spray and take some additional measures:

Wear cotton and hygroscopic socks.

  • Change the socks at least once per day or even more often. Sweaty and wet socks exacerbate the smell of the feet. It is helpful to walk barefoot whenever it is possible, of course.
  • Change your shoes daily in order to give them time to breathe.
  • Use powders or sprays for feet against sweating.
  • Regularly soak the feet in cool water with tea or cleanse them with antibacterial soap.
  • Try to wear shoes produced from breathable materials.
  • Make your pedicure with well cleaned tools – to prevent fungal infection.


The fungus grows faster on neglected feet. The drier skin is more prone to cracking, which can also lead to infections. Apply moisturizing cream on your feet after you have washed them and wear clean, dry, hygroscopic cotton socks. Remember to dry the space between the fingers in order to remove the moisture.

Antifungal medications help in fast treatment to this problem. If after three-four weeks of treatments the fungi have not disappeared, you must consult a doctor.

Sprays with mint pin the bad smell of the feet.


Alternative means of smelling sweaty feet

There are a lot of different medical products to alleviate and even solve your problem if it is not very serious:


  • Insoles for controlling the moisture which contain aluminum chloride absorbing the humidity and protecting us from unpleasant odor.
  • Foot powders containing dimethicone, triclosan, or chlorhexidine are very effective.
  • The regular dipping of the feet in water with a little vinegar helps to dry the sweat glands.
  • The sprays containing menthol, tea tree or peppermint, cool, soothe your feet and conceal the stench.


Barefoot in the park

The bad odor of feet could be treated effectively with the mentioned means. Excessive sweating is influenced by deodorants that control the sweat and unpleasant odor. If the issue is caused by a more significant health factor, the most suitable treatment must be prescribed by a physician.

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