Lonely people wear crappy shoes

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Psychologists reveal the individuality of the people according to the shoes they are wearing. Many studies have shown that in addition to the way we dress, the hairstyle, the manicure, our style as a whole and how we relate to our appearance, and the shoes can also tell a lot about our character.

Colorful sneakers, high heels, patent leather boots… Depending on what we are wearing, may be understood what our personality is, say U.S. experts, cited by the newspaper “Daily Express”.


According to the psychologists at the University of Kansas, the style, the price, the color and the state of our shoes are a window to the soul.

The old but impeccably maintained shoes reveal the conscious type of people. The pleasant and polite individuals choose practical shoes, and the booties issue the aggressive type of people.

The even-tempered can be recognized by the stylish, expensive and sometimes insufficiently comfortable shoes. The liberal figures such as good old hippies wear unkempt sandals.

People with higher incomes and those who are concerned about their appearance such as celebrities rely on the more expensive brands. The noticeable shoes with bright colors are the choice of the extroverts. The boring shoes issue a man who is lonely.

For the purposes of the survey, the psychologists showed students pictures of more than 200 pairs of shoes, belonging to volunteers who have previously filled in personality questionnaires.

The students then had to guess the gender, age and social status of the owners of the shoes, as well as their emotional stability.

The researchers have found that the students identified with the stunning accuracy of 90% the personality characteristics of the volunteers.

In the magazine “Research in Personality” the study authors write: “The shoes serve as a nonverbal message with symbolic content”. Does their diversity reveal information about the individual differences between people? The answer is “yes”.


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