Lovely summer sandals

This time we have bet on sandals with a finger, which leave almost the whole leg at the same time free, and keep it from slipping easily.

Starting from high to low. The first pair of sandals is from the American company 7 for All Mankind. They look really impressive, not quite like the standard sandals that you may encounter in stores or malls. They are made of cork platform and sole and leather and synthetic upper part, which consists of strap for fastening to the ankle and intertwined straps at the fingers, one of which passes through the thumb. The color is ash of roses, incredibly interesting and fresh color that will not go unnoticed. For greater comfort, because the sandals have a platform on the back of the ankle there is a strap that supports the leg and does not allow slipping or sliding. And as always, your feet will look great with these sandals.

The second pair of sandals is a pink beauty from another U.S. company – Jimmy Shoes, which are light and comfortable and again with a finger. The interesting ribbon that is on the one side of the sandal gives a summer look. The cyclamen color, however, is suitable only for jeans, denim skirt or a dress with a similar color. The leather straps made ​​of soft leather make the sandals irreplaceable for a long walk on the beach, a walk in the evening or in the hot days.

The last pair of sandals is in a neutral ivory color, which makes them an appropriate finish to almost any outfit – from jeans to an unpretentious formal costume. The straps are made of soft leather, and at the place where they get together there is a metallic ornament, imitating gold, which makes the sandals elegant and suitable for evening clothing.

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