Low quality shoes may bring us a heart attack

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The market is flooded with fake shoes

The saying “the cheap is expensive” is particularly true for the low quality shoes. Although we are attracted by the low price, we might subsequently severely regret our purchase.

Made from poor quality materials and fixed with dangerous adhesives, the cheap shoes can bring us a lot of illnesses, for which treatment then we spend tens of thousands.

However the expensive shoe also does not mean that it necessarily is comfortable and is made according to all quality standards, explain from the organization of consumer protection. The opposite is also true – the cheap shoes also are not always dangerous to the health.

But often people do not realize that when they buy shoes without being interested in their manufacturers and their quality, they actually cause serious damage to their own health and that of their children.

According to dermatologists, substandard shoes cause stifling of the feet and make us constantly walk with damp or even wet feet, favoring the occurrence of any fungus and bacterial infections. The fake shoes may cause and severe contact dermatitis, explain the specialists. The reason is that sometimes the dye, with which is colored the leather, and the materials from which the shoes are made are of poor quality and come into direct contact with the human body. So do not wonder if your feet are itching and blisters appear.

The market is full of cheap and low quality Chinese shoes. In the best case they tear or rip apart on the very first month, and at worst – at the first longer walking on the streets. Doctors warn that the presence above the limit of hexavalent chromium in the soles of the shoes hides a tremendous risk to the human health and especially to children. Its touch with the skin causes severe eczema, and through the blood accumulates in the liver and seriously damages it. The Commission for Consumer Protection catches shoes containing for example 43.76 mg / kg hexavalent chromium at limit values ​​3 mg / kg.

In this line of thought, experts advise parents to be especially careful when choosing shoes for their children, because with poor quality materials and soles, they may forever damage the foot, arch and ankles of the kids.

Doctors warn even that uncomfortable and low quality shoes and too high or too low and equal can cause severe damage.

The wearing of fake shoes can bring you depression and heart problems, even heart attack, because the continuous irregular pressure on a certain point of the foot is actually a blow to the human body and its organs. Last but not least dermatologists advise in any case not to try on shoes barefoot, but always with socks because otherwise we are again threatened of fungal or other infections.

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