My shoes – my mirror

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Since they cover the foot, a symbol of authority for women according to Freud, our shoes say a lot about our way forward in life. Ultra flat ballerinas or high heels? They decorate your body and balance your mood.

Women and shoes, this is a pretty story. According to the latest research, women have an average of ten pairs of shoes, though some stars like Celine Dion have more than 3,000 pairs of luxury shoes. Each pair to them is charming, has its unique history and reflects the mood of the woman.

Why do we give this accessory such importance that sometimes the case is that it dictates the choice of clothing?

When choosing shoes we focus on their functionality, but the most important thing is to walk seamlessly with beautiful models. They should not be instruments of torture. We must respect our feet.

The success of the fine shoes worn by Carrie Bradshaw, the character from the television series Sex and the City, highlights how the popularity of high heels is emblematic for the modern woman.

With high heels, we want to be noticed. This is our ego, which is expressed so “I am here. Look at me. I’m not anybody.”

As a second skin for our feet, the shoe helps us to perform feats that would otherwise be impossible. When it comes to dancing, running, skiing, jumping, etc.., the shoe is an indispensable aspect of our lives. We can live without a car, TV, computer, CDs and other items, but we cannot do it without shoes. There are strong elements in the magical dimension to our confidence for shoes. In many stories like Cinderella, we are often told that the shoes have the power to change even human destinies. Our appearance and the meaning of our lives will be changed profoundly, if we wear this or that pair of shoes.

The choice of footwear helps us to integrate into social class, gender identity, age, culture, and self-esteem. They form our own ideas about beauty, character and charms. Shoes are much more than the foundation on which we stand, they are the foundation of our individuality.

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