Platforms or sandals. Part 2

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The models are with open toes which makes them well suited for the hot season. The colors are fresh and bright – turquoise and pink are extremely fashionable. In combination with lace, sequins and elements of fabric and great ethnic ornaments, these shoes will definitely fit the ladies with character and strong personality. They are provocative and will definitely win the attention of others, if you are looking for such.

Another suitable option are the platforms. If you walk along the main fashion arteries in the city, you can very easily notice that the platforms have literally “flooded” the shops. Higher, lower, simple or very glamorous, they are everywhere. Stop at a model with multiple straps and fastenings. The thin strips will highlight the curves of the leg and the tenderness of the foot. Pay attention and to the platform itself – it becomes a great field for expression on the part of the designer. Different twists, interlacings, drawings, sequins and a bunch of other details occupy this part of the shoe. You are required simply to decide what exactly will fit your style. Take into account and the other details like colored stones, pendants, studs, etc.

Image: © sergey makarenko / Fotolia

And to cover maximum levels in the middle of the fashion trends in the summer shoes, we will also focus on the flat, equal sandals. Terribly comfortable, versatile and chic, they are suitable for the working women and those of you who are always in a hurry or late for somewhere. With or without zipper, with colorful straps or not is of no importance. The models are extremely diverse – from a very clean and elegant we can get over again up to the ethno patterns, which present us extravagant decorations with colorful flowers, colorful stones, etc. Try to select something fresh and colorful. Combine with trousers made ​​of linen, cotton, and the long dresses that are very trendy or short pants.

Good luck!

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