Some basic things you need to know about shoes

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The shoe is part of our clothing, or rather its ending that serve to protect the feet. Mainly we wear shoes because of the need for the passage of a distance, such as from home to the café or the store or to get us safely to our destination without hurting our feet. Fashion, however, is also a major factor when choosing shoes.

Shoes may vary in style, price and numeration. To look attractive is a natural desire of everyone and shoes are one of the means to do so. So shoes are a symbol of comfort and fashion.

Quite often the shoes we wear are an expression of our personality. When we find ourselves in front of the shoes stall to pick new ones, emerge normal issues such as what shoe size to take and the style and material of which they are made of.

There are different types of shoes, such as lady’s, men’s, dancing shoes, sports, elegant, for work, cocktails, prom, historical and casual footwear.

But more importantly, the shoe is made up of different parts to get the final result. Here is exactly what is in a shoe:

1. Outsole – The bottom edge of the shoe is called outsole and it is naturally to know that it serves to protect the foot.

2. Heel, current – The raised part at the end of the shoe is called heel or current, continuing downwards from the heel. The function of the heel is to support the ankle of the leg to evenly distribute the weight of the body on the feet. Many women love high heels, which are imposed by the fashion in order to the women’s feet to look more alluring.

3. Outer sole – The outer sole is actually the layer that has direct contact with the ground and other surfaces located on our streets. The workmanship of this layer is of different materials.

4. Middle outsole – The layer between the outsole and the insole is called the mid-sole, and its function is to lower the pressure on the feet.

5. Upper part of the shoe, toecap – The purpose of the upper part of the shoe is to hold the shoe to the foot.

6. Accessories for shoes – There are many accessories for shoes, some of which are jewelry for shoes, bags for shoes, products for polishing shoes, etc.

7. Types of shoes – There are many different types of footwear in fact for each case, and one can find a shoe – men’s, women’s, kid’s, sports, for running, for riding, dancing, ballet, formal and casual, for work and others.

8. Maintenance of the shoes – There are many ways in which you can maintain the shoes – change of the current, of the sole, zippers, sewing, and of course polishing.

9. Styles of the shoes – Women’s shoes enjoy a variety of styles, booties, boots, sandals, slippers, flats, sandals wit platform, and many other.

10. Brands – Regarding to the brands of shoes, everyone knows that they are so many and every day new appear. Well, of course the qualitative are several dozens – Prada, D & G, GUESS and others.

This was our brief presentation of Her Majesty the Shoe. From here on what shoes will you choose depends on you.


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