Sports shoes combine comfort and spectacular design

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The oldest shoes date back from 8000 to 7000 BCE and were found in the United States. Over the years, of course they have changed a lot and are now made by much more resistant materials. Nowadays they are various models and types. According to the season we divide them on boots, sandals, slippers, flip flops, sneakers, etc. And depending on the occasion for which they are intended to, we define them as formal and casual. World fashion companies prefer in the manufacturing materials such as rubber, leather, plastic, wood, cork and fabric.

Sports shoes for their part are several types – for every day, for running, for mountain, football, basketball, sneakers, trainers, skate shoes. For sports models it is important to be mostly comfortable and to have a strong sole.

Around the fashion boutiques we can see a wide variety of colors and shapes for sneakers. Over the years, they boldly boarded the catwalks and became an impressive element from the clothing. Designers create unique models from fabric and leather with numerous decorations and sets of studs. In this way sports shoes turn into an attractive fashion item.

Very popular among teenagers, and not only among them are the skate shoes. This year these interesting and comfortable shoes are even more colorful and playful with a myriad of colorful prints. We combine them mostly with sports clothes like jackets, t-shirts and shorts. But there are some interesting options that can make us irresistible. If we combine the skate shoes with stylish coats and elegant high-waisted pants we can obtain an extravagant and very chic look.

Skateboard shoes are able to combine with many interesting accessories such as belts, hats, colorful bags and jewelry. They will impart a more unconventional look.

Interesting is the quirk of the fashion designers to combine the sports shoes with a men’s shirt that falls loosely around the body. You may boldly add other elements of men’s clothing such as neckties, collars, bow ties and various types of hats. Thus you will obtain the original and current vision and style of a bad girl.

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