Spring-summer shoes and sandals

We offer you several interesting models of ladies shoes and sandals that will leave your feet feel light without the annoying and painful convening with the leather of the new, expensive sandals.

The first model, which we chose is from SKECHERS and are amazing shoes in black and white that are nearly universal. You can wear them with your beach or informal dress, jeans or with sports trousers. For the strictly formal clothes we are not talking here. For them there are special shoes. But if you are not of the women who every day go to cocktail parties, business lunches or dinners, we think this is exactly your shoe. The materials of which they are made are synthetic material for the upper part that is open at the toes and rubber for the sole that rises gently in the back and adds elegance to your vision. In general we can say that they resemble sports shoes, sneakers type, but more elegant because of the elevated part. And despite being in neutral black and white, they bring summer mood, which tells you to throw your luggage for the beach in the trunk of the car and sped away to the sea dunes.

The following sandals are a production of the Chinese company UGG, because of which the price is expected to be slightly lower, but we think the quality is good. The sandals are in several colors – white, blue, black, brown, red and coral pink, which we show here. This year comes into fashion the watermelon color and we think that even the lighter shades of this nuance are very fresh and current.

The sole is made ​​of cork, which is wrapped in cloth and thus softens the stepping and the elevated platform forms an elegant female calf. We wondered a bit if the soft part at the fingers will cause the fingers to sweat, but maybe it is put for more comfort. The laces of the sandals that intertwine at the ankle are made ​​of soft fabric, which is a little bit like denim in appearance but it is cotton fabric that does not tighten the leg. The interesting decorations at the outsole finish the sense of comfort, summer, beaches, etc.

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