Stylish and comfortable shoes for a little lady

SKECHERS besides men’s shoes offer also their own women’s and kid’s line. We stopped this time on a model of the children’s line for this spring, which we liked a lot. If you want to give your daughter sports and yet elegant, high quality and above all fashionable shoes, because at this age fashion is of great importance, I think those are her shoes. The candy pink and baby blue color intertwine incredibly beautiful, and along with the white, which is the basic color, make this shoe universal as for the sports suit, as well as with the new dress that your little lady has liked and wants you to buy for her. Do not refuse to give her the pleasure to feel as beautiful as a little princess. Besides the three colors that we mentioned, the front also has two straps in purple and dull yellow.

The materials, as might be assumed are of very high quality, typical for the brand SKECHERS. The fastening is at the side of the knuckle at the ankle with the help of a strap, which is adhered to the base of the shoe. The sole is flat, slightly raised at the foot about an inch and a half, which is about 3 cm. At the front the outsole is lowered, but not completely, in order to evenly distribute the body weight on the feet and not to be obtained pain and stiffness of the height of shoes. The shoes are soft and flexible which guarantees the comfort of your child while walking and playing with these pretty shoes.

So if you have already decided, know that with these boots soon you will not have to buy new ones, as regards their high quality, but of course next year, the little lady can like another pair of shoes.

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