The best means to deal with cracked heels during the summer

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Beautiful legs, tight muscles, nice tan, the appearance of all this can be ruined if we add the otherwise nice feet, but with rough and cracked heels. In this case, even the beautiful dress will not save the situation.



In the winter we do not have this problem


Then the feet are not visible, they are in socks or tights and boots. It is enough after shower only to smear them with a lotion or moisturizing cream and the skin is soft and smooth. The only prerequisite for rough skin are poor-quality shoes that can make corns. So choose soft leather and do not be tempted to walk with uncomfortable shoes just because their design is the ultimate fashion trend. In this case you can also get ugly deformations in addition to the corns, which no cream will fix.


In the summer, however, with sandals or slippers, the feet are exposed to several factors that ruin the skin only in a few days. The skin dries out of the sun, and the dirt on the streets instantly sticks to the feet, and they inevitably become rough. Walking barefoot at home also has a negative impact on the heels, toes and cushions. So besides for the pedicure it is good to take care of the skin of your feet. At the same time do not overdo it in your quest to get an ideal vision, in order not to hurt yourself.


Curette use only as a last resort


It is for deep cutting and for removing very thick skin or removal of calluses where nothing else helps. If it is not necessary, ask the pedicurist to use other means for removing the dead cells or alone at home, seek another way to soften the skin. You can also make deep wounds with the curette. You will not need to use it if you rub the heels with pumice once or twice a week. On the market are offered all types of files for this purpose, which on one side are for deep removal of rough skin, and on the other are finer. No matter how harmless they look, you can also make wounds if you overdo it with the filing.


Exfoliators are an ideal tool for dealing with the problem areas. You can make a scrub at home or buy one from a pharmacy or a nearby beauty shop. It is also used once or twice a week.


Green tea, mint, shea butter, sea salt, algae, apricot stones, papaya and even watermelon are contained in a variety of products for maintenance of soft and smooth skin. Since it is generally drier on the feet, you must always use some cream or lotion every day after shower to nourish and hydrate it. To refresh the feet, you can spray them with a soothing and cooling spray that also has a pleasant scent. The creams “invisible silicone sock” with glycerin also smooth the skin. It is good to apply them in the morning because they create a filter that protects the feet all day.


Undoubtedly, the best means for maintaining an ideal skin on the heels is the sea sand. Walk as long as you can barefoot on it, because it removes perfectly the dead cells and makes the skin baby soft.


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