The black sneakers

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The black sneakers remain fashionable and this year the designers offer them not only with the classic sports style, but also with skirts, dresses and trousers under the knee. This type of shoes is not only practical and comfortable but also has its own style and taste.


Great variety of models of black sneakers


The sneakers have long been no longer just sports shoes and have undergone many changes over the years, with the most popular of them being the so popular skate shoes with a flat sole. They are stylish, practical, comfortable and up to date at any time of the year. The winter ones, for example, are warmer due to materials such as leather or gore-tex.  They fit with skirts, jackets, dresses and even coats. The massive winter models are a bit rough, but very light and strong and keep your feet warm in the cold days. If you want sneakers for all seasons choose such in a black color with minimum decorations.


Besides the sneakers and trainers, fashionable are and the sports running shoes. They are in fashion with rivets, chains and original cord. They fit perfectly with everyday style and jeans.


What can you wear the black sneakers with?


The black skates, trainers and running shoes are ideally combined with jeans, leather pants, shorts, skirts and dresses. Most often they are worn by the young people who love the comfort and to experiment with the different styles. When you combine black sneakers with a dress, keep in mind that your style should be as close to the sporty as possible. Advantage give to a simple cut and a small amount of accessories. As far as the skirts are concerned, the black sport shoes perfectly fit the denim and knit skirts, and the classic version of the pencil type skirt should definitely be avoided. If you want to extend your legs visually, take tight pants in tune with the black sneakers and finish this ensemble with a stylish T-shirt.


In general, the black sneakers are a good choice for any lady.

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