The boots in 2014

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In the boots, as with the other shoes and sandals, the situation is the same – dynamic, rapidly shifting of accents and seasonal change of trends.

The high boots is good that can be worn and to the medium length skirts, as well as the very long, i.e. there is the possibility of different types of skirts. Interesting, and preferable are the medium skirts, as they stand out the buttocks more and give greater charms. The ladies who prefer cowboy boots are beginning to wear them in combination with jeans. This is also a good combination between boots and outerwear.

Short boots can also stand out with some advantages.

Shorter boots can be well combined with a longer skirt. This combination can make you look stylish and elegant just as much as the opposite combination.

Short boots can be worn and in the workplace. Unlike the higher, this type are more convenient and light, and more comfortable to wear. Those who work in the city and want to attract attention, is better to choose the short boots.

Shoes are the defining figure that creates style. They can make your feet feel like “floating in the clouds.” There are a lot of variations depending on the outfit, the combination you choose yourself. If you are unsure how to combine, then play your fashion channel – very quickly things will become clear.

The boots in 2014, like in 2013 will be divided into sections – middle, high and low, as prevalent during the winter season and the coldest parts of it will be the high.

In the fall, the lower and middle will take precedence.

Materials? The boots of skin and fur, as well as in 2013 will lead and in 2014. Suede will fail to overtake due to its very poor properties.

It is not easy, the women to be in step with the fashion. Fashion is a whole industry that needs to be closely monitored in order to be current and modern. The windows of the best shops are changed rapidly. Some of the new models are attractive and extravagant, but we can hardly afford them. Compromise… that is the key word – compromise with the quality and price to reach a consensus.

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