The British wear the highest heels

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Along with the stars Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Cole, who are setting a national example, the British have started to climb on the highest heels in the whole world. At least as far as the European women are concerned. These are the results of an inquiry, ordered by the company for products for shoes Compeed and for which are interviewed 3792 women.

The ladies, who inhabit Great Britain, wear shoes raised at an average of 8.4 cm. The Spanish yield them with just a little bit. The average height of their heels is 8.1 cm. The French and the German are much more practical. The average height of their heels is respectively 6.1 and 6.9 cm.

This is probably due to the fact that the British and the Spanish are a bit shorter in their average height than the other nations in Europe in general. The vanity however, has its price in this particular case. Fifty percent of the interviewed women confessed that they are ready because of the high heels to suffer pain comparable to that of a toothache or earache. Researches have proved that tall women consider themselves as more confident, authoritative, rich, capable, successful and independent, and even more intelligent than the short ones. The women on high heels consider themselves more attractive and sexy. As we all know with the high heels, the women’s legs look more slender and visually elongated.

The perception is of great importance and therefore the reaction of others confirms our choice – explains the psychologist Emma Kenny. “The British are very ambitious and if they think that some 15 cm. heels will increase their perspectives for career, regardless of whether they are wright or not, they are ready to use them”, expresses her opinion the psychologist.

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