The differences between ankle boots and shoes

Whether you love them or hate them, ankle boots seem to be a trend which can be noticed and for this year. The last few years, one may notice how the modern man is more and more starting to wear these boots. Following this strange tendency, similar models began to be produced of the names of celebrities. This year we will see how the boots will reach their new highs and lows. They “migrate” more and more to the calf, but also have variations that are above the calf and to the ankle. They stand very well on the feet, designers even produce more creative models and have started to add different textures.

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Coming to the topic – ankle boots

In order to more of us to start wearing them, I would say that it requires some effort, but if you know how to wear them, they will be a compliment to your figure and wardrobe. And yes, ankle boots and formal shoes are two different styles. Usually in many cases they are interchangeable, but in the world of fashion, they are clearly defined as two separate things. Ankle boots vary with a height of 1 to 4 inches above the ankle. In the last model we have entire 4 inches above the ankle, which we can safely put in the category boots.





Shoes to the ankle

The shoes are 1/2 lower than the boots. They are with a height either to the top of the foot or just to the ankle. They may also have cut out sections, the sole can be thinner, while the one of the boots is usually solid. In the shoes you can find models in more colors, while boots are widespread mostly in black. There currently are rich colors of suede and they are very popular.




Ideas for style

Here are some ideas on how to wear this style:

1. Mini skirt, black tights or leggings

2. Short dress and tights

3. Tight jeans and loose shirt

4. Short dress with a blouse or jacket

5. Long dress (bohemian or hippie style) with long necklaces

Avoid wearing longer skirt because it will make your legs look shorter. If you have short legs, always wear the same color (usually black) tights, as the color of the boots.

In conclusion, perhaps you are still avoiding this fashion and it will be long before you find the right style that suits you. But anything new is accepted with grievance.

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