The grace of the high heel

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If you want to look gracefully and feminine, you are most likely tempted by the high heels. And if so, and is necessary to stay all day long in the office with 10-cm sticks, holding your heels, for sure you curse yourself ruthlessly in the evening.

In this situation, you probably wonder why Gwyneth Paltrow, and Sarah Jessica Parker are so graceful on their stilts, and you feel as if a tank has passed over your feet. The first answer is that great stars do not sit round the clock on currents – they wear them only for special events. And the second: there are rules. If you follow the rules, you can move around the streets with the stately presence of a star.


First rule: If you are a beginner in the business, start with a moderate heel height. The same applies if you have to cross the city on foot. Even if your feet are of iron, you will still be exhausted. Do not penance yourself.

Second: To avoid drenched in water feet, wear shoes or sandals from thin material.

Three: Buy soft insoles of the shoes or put one of those multicolored silicone attachments for high-heeled shoes.

Four: Do not ride a bicycle on heels. This is aerobatics and is not required to cause such stress. Also do not walk through grass, sand or gravel with your subtle ladies shoes.

Last: Wear currents only if you do not have to do hard physical work or run like a horse.

And to summarize: The concept is as follows – high-heeled shoes fit mainly for special occasions. Parties, nightclubs, ceremonial events, etc.

Good, but how to walk with high heels?

1. When walking step on the current first, and then past to the pad and toes – quickly, easily and smartly.

2. Keep the tips of the shoes forward, do not curve and walk with upright shoulders.

3. A gentle shake of the hands will help you keep balance. Just do not wave like a windmill.

4. Keep your feet as much as possible closer to each other. This balances the weight of the body. And it looks beautiful.

5. Take your time. The steps must be small, confident and equal.

6. For embarking stairs you will need 2-3 workouts. When climbing put the pad and the current simultaneously and for disembarking – press the pad and let the heel to slip. And feel free to use the rail.

7. And do not be afraid to lean on the arm of your gentleman. That is why he is present.

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