The high heels shorten the muscles

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Women often sacrifice their comfort in order to look stylish and elegant. But when they pick the wrong shoes, they are risking causing great harm to their body.

The high heels place extra burden on the knee joints, increasing the risk of damage, injuries and osteoarthritis. The higher the high heel, the greater the risk to your health.

“Everyone knows that high heels are harmful,” said Danielle Barkema, a researcher at the University of Iowa. “But with the wearing of high-heels the woman is subjected to a high risk of developing osteoarthritis,” he is convinced.

Furthermore, the shoes with high heels clench the bones in the knee joints. Barkema and his colleagues have made ​​a comparative analysis of the flat-soled shoes, such with five cm. and with nine cm. high heels.

To measure the strength and the shock wave in the legs when wearing such shoes from women between 18 and 40 years, the researchers used sensors, cameras and other laboratory equipment.

The ladies had to walk with the specified by the scientists speed. The results showed that the high-heeled shoes destabilize the joints. The scientists noticed tremendous load on the knee, especially on higher heels.

The women, who wear shoes with heels five days a week, suffer from shortening of the calf muscles by over 10%. The women, who wear low shoes without heels, have perfectly developed Achilles tendon and muscles on the calves.

This according to the researchers explains why women who are constantly on heels feel pain in the calves when walking barefoot. Women, who are accustomed to being with heels run more slowly when putting on sneakers.

The researchers claim that the perfect shoe for ladies is this with a flat sole. Moreover, the sole should be flexible, which spares the knee joints.

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