The ideal heel is 5 centimeters high

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The ladies that are fans of the elegant line and the high heels is advisable to wear heels with a maximum height of 5 centimeters.

In the end, the most important thing is not how many centimeters we have added to our height, but what is best for our appearance and self-esteem.

By passing this limit, the women risk to incur future pain in the back and overall distortion of the structure.

The ladies who wear high shoes, burden their spine three times more compared to those who prefer shoes with flat soles or sneakers.

The orthopedists recommend further that the representatives of the fair sex to follow the fashionable lately model, in which the women travel with sports shoes to their workplace. Then shortly before they reach the workplace to replace their trainers or sneakers with the elegant shoes with a current.

Mandatory condition is also not to wear and generally not to buy shoes that are not comfortable to you. Although it sounds elementary, many of the modern women do not comply with the most important condition and consequently can not give an explanation for the incessant pain in their back and legs.

It is necessary to know further that the shoes with pointed tips are only suitable for formal and rare occasions. Their everyday wearing squeezes the toes and creates a great inconvenience. This can lead to swelling of the so-called first joint.

The wearing of ill-fitting shoes may also cause unpleasant distortion of the big toe inward. If the problem gets too serious, it can lead to surgery.

As for the fabric, it is best to choose shoes of soft leather, which does not predispose the formation of calluses.

Keep in mind that wearing shoes with a flat sole is also not particularly healthy as it can cause deformation of the arch of the foot.

It is recommended to frequently alternate shoes with high (up to 5 cm) currents, with such with even lower currents or flat soles.

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