The low shoes are as harmful as the high heels

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Do not be so harsh on your feet, you will need them

We are accustomed to thinking that the high heels are the biggest enemy of the feet. The unnatural position of the foot, the huge risk of ankle sprain, the blood circulation disorder especially when the shoes are tight, and so on. And all of us, with great joy, welcomed the flat and light ballerina shoes, because this ended the high heels torture.

We could already be elegant and feel comfortable, especially in the summer. We felt as if we can walk all the way to the sea in our comfortable, low and flat shoes.

The lack of support for the foot, however, the absolutely flat sole and the too sharp tips of the low shoes proved to be as damaging as the high heels.

When a person wears low boots, he unconsciously begins to drag his feet.

This leads to a change in the posture of the body during walking, the point of gravity changes and the tension on the arch of the foot increases.

The spine and the back also suffer because the body relaxes too much. At the same time, because of the low outsole is felt every bump on the road.

The tendons acting as shock absorbers load and start the pains in the calves and thighs.

“Thanks” to the too long wearing of low shoes, you can get foot inflammation, cramps and back problems.

To prevent that from happening, you need to consider a few things.

Put orthopedic insoles in your current favorite ballerinas at all costs. They support the foot and distribute the tension evenly. It will be easier to change them when dirty, rather than wash the entire shoe.

Wear low slippers only when you are on holiday, from the hotel to the beach, but not in the city when you have to do ten tasks and walk about 10 kilometers.

Go to work with comfortable shoes and change them at the office. The fact that someone in the bus or subway will give you a strange look, should not be more important than your feet to feel comfortable.

Alternate a day with flat shoes and one day with higher. So you will alternate the types of load and your feet will not suffer.

After a long day on low shoes, make a massage on the feet by rolling your foot back and forth with a beer bottle.

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