The moccasins from the farms to the offices

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History, interesting facts and style of the comfortable shoe model


Over the last years in the fashion world scale, we observe a smooth turn from the uncomfortable high heels and platforms to the practical flat soles.

So, logically, on the catwalks and podiums sneak somewhat forgotten and new footwear models that reach and up to the average consumer.

Such is the case with a design of shoes with a long history, which in spite of its original purpose, has managed to survive in the fashion whirlpool of time and to adapt to the different eras.


Yes, you guessed it – we are talking about moccasins!

The first historical evidence of the moccasins in Europe dates back to 1930. It is known that at that time this model of shoes has been widespread among the Norwegian farmers due to their comfortable and non-slip sole.

Because in those years the moccasins looked more like rough rubber shoes than in the way we know them today, the Norwegians began to produce them in mass quantities and to export them to other European countries.

Americans who visited Europe were also impressed by the comfortable shoes and bit by bit popularized them and across the United States.

The biggest “guilt” for the encompassing popularity of the moccasins, however has a gentleman named G. H. Bass. He made a few very small changes to the design of the shoe and then turned it into a fashion accessory with a long-term future.

Moccasins are unique because they have walked the path from the farms to the offices.

They are preferred by both men and women, for formal and more casual occasions due to their unisex form. The classic type is made of leather, but you can find moccasins from any materials in all colors and varieties.

Today many well-known fashion labels such as “Gucci”, “Valentino”, “Fendi” and “Prada” rely on the moccasins in their proposals in the fashion collections and combine them with a wide range of colorful clothing.

If in this fashion season you will also trust the moccasins, remember that nothing is more pleasant and useful than the soles of your feet to feel comfort and convenience.

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