The sandals – the perfect summer shoe

The sandals are among the oldest forms of shoes in the world. The word sandals creates an association for airy and light summer footwear that is attached to the leg with straps.

The ancient Romans wore these shoes, while today there are models in different colors and shapes and made ​​of different materials. Not surprisingly, one of the most popular models of sandals today is called “Roman sandals”.

The sandals were initially unisex models, which mean that the same model has been worn by men and women. Already today there are models for both genders, and they are clearly defined, which are designed for men and which for women.

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Ladies’ models of sandals are usually more feminine and delicate. The straps of this type of women’s shoes are finer and the other items such as jewelry, crystals, embroideries of flowers and other accessories are often used for decoration of the women’s sandals.

The males’ models differ drastically in this respect. They are usually made of solid straps and for their making are used more muted colors.

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Certain ladies’ models of sandals are equipped with a classic wooden outsole that is considered to be very stable. For the ladies there are of course, high-heeled sandals, which contribute to an elegant and feminine look. For greater convenience, in the last few seasons, designers actively use a 3-4 inch platform at the front of the sandals. In this way high-heeled sandals became one gorgeous and comfortable women’s shoes, taking care not only for your wonderful vision, but also for your comfort and enjoyment.


Each new season sandals come in various colors and designs and many stars like Jennifer Lopez and Kate Moss are addicted to this kind of ladies’ shoes.



The sandals are very comfortable. Especially in the summer when it’s hot and we need more well-ventilated shoes, they provide comfort for the feet.

Therefore, even the most stubborn opponents of sandals like to wear them in the hot summer days.

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