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The official shoes and the perfect appearance of the women is the most important indicator for their vision. They are high and stylish, elongate their legs and attract men’s attention.

The formal ladies’ shoes are an integral part of the wardrobe of the business women, clerks and bankers. Therefore, their shoes and outfits must be exquisite!

Now we will give you some information that will help you in your choice of women’s shoes, and simultaneously be satisfied with your purchase.

Do not be apart under any circumstances from your official shoes! They are not like the casual shoes, little less comfortable, but with them women look more beautiful, especially with well-chosen outfit or dress. They are combined rather well with a taken in at the waist skirt or a stylish suit. Very well select the heights of the heels, with which you will go in order not to get tired legs. You should know that almost every high shoe has a version with a medium heel. They are also formal shoes, but much more convenient and again highlight your femininity. Sometimes men examine the women from the legs first and then up because their eyes had rested directly on their official shoes!

Never overlook the materials and colors of which the shoes are made because they are the most important. Real ladies’ shoes are those of natural leather no matter what shades and varieties they are. Currently are offered high-heeled shoes made of natural lacquer, which are the most topical. Their colors are consistent with the seasons they will be used for – summer shoes are in the lighter scales, while the spring and autumn are grey, brown and black.

In summer you can wear the bright summer shoe without heel that will stand out and give a finished look to your outfit. But it must be pointed at the front and with a higher current. It does not matter if there is a platform in the front, but those without one are more stylish! Do not overlook the black color of the shoe, it is a classic.

During the colder months of the year, put completely closed high formal footwear in a darker color, it may be brown, grey, or dark beige, and again do not forget the black.

Never be tempted to wear low-quality shoes! They can leave you on the road, your current may fall apart or the outsole. Even though they are cheaper, low quality shoes are not preferable for the business woman. Not because she cannot afford them, but because they simply do not suit her!

For a formal event, occasion or corporate receptions, we would recommend the black patent leather shoes with high heel and a platform at the front. Also, your shoes might be suede, which are even more delicate!


With your sophisticated and stylish dress, with a small and fashionable handbag, with a pretty necklace and with your modern shoes, you will simply be the lady of the evening!

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