The women and the shoes – love without an end

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Consideration and purchase of shoes: an activity that seems to be favorite of most women. Even if they already have many, many shoes they are unlikely to give up yet another new pair.


The shoes are a symbol of all women. From high heels through equal ballerinas to boots and summer sandals, obviously, there will always be an empty room for one more pair that is winking from the window of a store. Well, apparently the shoes are one of the “weaknesses” of women.


From the responses of 3,000 women interviewed in the UK, has been found that on average, every woman owns 20 pairs of shoes. Of these, the majority – an average of 11 pairs have been worn only once and probably will never be shod again. It is estimated that the monetary value of these abandoned shoes is about € 450 per woman. However, when asked whether they would buy more shoes next year, the majority of respondents answered that they would buy again. 10% of the participants in the survey also revealed that they will increase their spending up to 650 euros to calm this genuine addiction to shoes.


But to our surprise, the study does not end there, in fact, almost a third of the respondents openly admit that they spent their money on at least one purchase that looked good in the store, but it has proved to be a loss because after that they did not like the shoe. The surveyed women said that they keep their shoes on average for three years before they are discarded.


However, many of them admit that it is difficult to get rid of those shoes that have been their favorites: 21% say they keep these shoes, even if they do not wear them. The shoes are placed in closets or wardrobes in 55% of the respondents.

Furthermore, one in five women admitted that she leaves the shoes somewhere else: scattered in the living room or anywhere else in the house or even in the car.


But what is it that provokes women to buy new shoes? 37% of the women buy a new pair of shoes just because it makes them feel better. 52% because they need them for a combination with a new dress, 18% to be modern, and 10% because they can not get away without a purchase.

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