Tight shoes? All the tricks to expand your shoes

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Have you ever tried putting on sandals that are too tight, but are too good to leave them in the closet forever? Or probably some of you have ordered shoes which do not wear because they are small. Do you recognize yourself in one of these examples?

Do not despair: we present you a comprehensive guide that will help you to expand your shoes. But remember one thing – just do not pull.

Shoemaker. In case the “do it yourself” advices are not enough for you and you want to do the job more safely, go to a shoemaker who, with his professionalism and the right tools will allow you to have comfortable shoes with a small cost to you.

Hairdryer. The heat softens the skin, by which it is expanding.

For the next method, you need a newspaper page, to make a ball. Then you have to soak it in cold water and alcohol. Cold water eliminates any risk of stains. Leave the paper in your shoes for a few hours. This is not recommended for suede, because it can cause staining.

Ice. Fill up with water a fridge bag to the middle, put the shoe inside and close well. Place the bag in the freezer for freezing for at least one hour. Remove the shoe from the freezer and let sit for 20 minutes to thaw. The shoe will expand as the ice expands. This method is also not recommended for suede.

Grain. An old cowboy trick for boots: fill in the boots with oats or wheat, pour enough water on top in order to swell and leave them like that during the night. Let the shoes dry the next day.

These are all the tips with which you can get more comfortable shoes. If you use water and ice to enlarge your shoes, be sure to dry them away from direct heat. Above all, try not to give in to the temptation of beautiful but narrow shoes: wearing them can lead to problems in gait and back pain.

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