Tips for selection of men’s formal shoes

Every man should be familiar with the details in the official footwear even before deciding to buy ones. It is very important to comprehend that these details define the quality of the shoe.

Here are the moments we stopped at, even not from men’s position, that we consider essential when choosing formal shoes.

Leather. Most of the men’s formal shoes are made of leather. It is very important to understand what distinguishes the qualitative leather, from that which covers 80-90% of the official men’s shoes. The indicator for the leather quality is graded on a scale from 1 to 5, where 1 means you have shoes with the highest quality of the leather. However, as it can happen if we do not know what to look for, we might never find shoes of such quality, but to be content with mediocre ones.

But how do we know which leather is of superior quality? Premium, natural, with less processing leather is flexible and soft to the touch.

A very good example of high-quality leather is nappa, a type of calf leather. Calf leather is of very high quality, especially if it is from a young calf or even a lamb. Both leathers have amazing texture and glow and polish very well.

Each type of leather, regardless of what the animal is, has scars and scratches that are completely natural and are a consequence of the structure of the skin. Calf leather however has the least such scratches and hence its price is higher than the other types.

The insole. One very important detail when choosing men’s formal shoes is the insole. The quality shoes have insoles that are made ​​from the same leather as the upper part of the shoe. This is done in order to allow the feet to breathe and not get the unpleasant chafing of the foot or sweating, which could cause some annoying medical problems. Furthermore, the insole should be able to get out freely when not wearing the shoes, to be replaced or even cleaned.

Lining. Once again for leather we are talking about here. The inner part of a quality men’s formal footwear is also made ​​of first quality calf leather which is soft to the touch and resembles suede a bit in this case.

Sheathing. This is not a detail that men pay attention to. But it is very important. The qualitative shoe is sewn along the whole outline of the shoe that connects the upper part with the sole.

Outsole. This is one of the noticeable details when choosing this type of shoe. Much better and respectful would look a man with shoes with leather soles rather than of rubber for example. So if you are having an important business meeting or similar event do not hesitate to invest in more expensive but of much better quality and representative shoes. Due to the fact that leather soles are made of tanned leather, they are much more flexible and elastic than rubber soles.

The outsole can be made of several layers or just one, this way it protects the foot better. Besides a qualitative leather outsole is never glued to the rest of the shoe. If it is not stitched up, then this is not a question of quality shoe.

Current. This is the finishing of the men’s shoe and as such is of great importance for the balance of the shoe, for the appearance and comfort of the foot. Usually the currents are made of the same material as the outsole, in this case because we are speaking of quality shoes, it must be of genuine calf leather. Likewise the currents are of layers that are tackled to each other with brass nails. And are similarly attached to the outsole. To avoid discomfort when walking with these shoes, be careful for their currents not to be excessively high or disproportionate to the shoes, i.e. not to fall outside way back from the back of the shoe.

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