What clothes to select for the shoes with a leopard print. Part 1

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One of the easiest ways to make your vision more original is to create a super combination with a pair of leopard shoes. As much as interesting and popular they are, however, they do not match with everything. In fact, there are more inappropriate than appropriate combinations with them.

The good news is that if you manage combine the leopard shoes with a certain garment, you will achieve excellent results – charms, individual style and class in one! Below we offer a few ideas for combinations with leopard print shoes.

1. The most logical choice for the leopard shoes: Black

We do not need to convince you that a black dress, skirt or pants will be a great match with leopard shoes. Not only because the black is present in the stamp – even though this is more than a categorical argument – but also because the black color will highlight the wonderful bright colors in the traditional leopard pattern. Therefore, this combination is so universal that it is always applicable. So let us go deeper into the topic and point out several different and original combinations.

2. White and light neutral colors – the earth tones that fit the leopard shoes

After the black, the easiest colors for a combination with the leopard prints are the white and the light neutral such as sandy, pale pink and beige. If you are too scrupulous to the details, choose shades that almost merge with those of the leopard print. The best solution in this case are the earthly colors. Just like the black, the white and the light neutral tones will adjust with the leopard print, while not leaving it unnoticeable.

3. Red and other bright colors

To verify in person in the effect of the combination, you just have to see yourself with a pair of branded shoes in leopard print combined with red clothes. Incidentally, if your main idea is to attract attention, just bet on shoes with leopard print in a combination with a bright red dress and maybe a black belt. If you’re not particularly attracted by the thought of so many eyes on you, use the red color only as an accent in combination with any other tone from our list of suggestions. Other bright colors that well suit the leopard patterns are orange and chartreuse. The pink and the yellow are preferred to attend only as an additional accent.

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