What clothes to select for the shoes with a leopard print. Part 2

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4. Leopard prints with earthly and medium in saturation neutral tones

Khaki, olive green, brown and rusty colors are often seen as inconspicuous and too boring. However, they are a great option for a combination with leopard prints, if you do not want to overdo the nuances, but are rather looking for some balance. The medium in saturation neutral and earth tones are also not less suitable for combination with an imitation of leopard.

For a more finished look, match a ton of your clothing with the shoes. For example, if their stamp is black and white, try with colder medium tones such as olive green and gray. If your clothes are in earthly shades bet on warmer colors – rusty or brown.

5. The denim – the best friend of the leopard prints

Last but not least, the leopard shoes – whether with a flat sole, high heels or long knee sock – are most easily combined with the good old denim.

For a more casual, classic and unpretentious look, try to combine a pair of leopard slippers with your favorite jeans and a standard white shirt or a long linen tank top.

6. Additional tips for the leopard shoes

1) If the combination of leopard shoes with monochrome clothing (black or beige) or such in neutral tones is easy, then adding more than two bright shades will enhance the effect of the flawless vision. Example – pale pink skirt, black blouse, red belt and a pair of leopard shoes!

2) If you are not the biggest fan of the fashion challenges, avoid wearing shoes with leopard print with colorful clothes. In fact, even if in principle you are bold in your choice of clothing, always rethink more detailed the combinations with this type of shoes. They are bold, colorful and impressive, and therefore often require a combination with a shade, which to balance the overall vision. Of course, this does not mean that the clothes have to be boring. Rather, it is good to have another bright shade like red or chartreuse, which, however, not to compete with the challenging print of the shoes.

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