Why do women wear uncomfortable high heels?

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Christian Louboutin answers the question

The creator of some of the most beautiful women’s shoes – Christian Louboutin believes that women walk in high heels because this gives them confidence.

The French designer is famous for the shoes with bright red outsoles for which he even began litigation with the fashion house “Yves Saint Laurent”.


Louboutin claims that women have a very different attitude towards the shoes with high heels and carry such for the sole purpose of seduction.


“There is an element of seduction in the shoes that does not exist in men. Consider how Marlene Dietrich crosses her legs. The language starts from the shoe and spreads to the whole body. A woman can be sexy, charming, witty or shy depending on her shoes. For men, they are associated with elegance and wealth, not dancing with their inner self, “explained the designer in an interview for” Sunday Times “.


“Because of that women are happy even when they wear shoes that cause them pain. For some of them the lightest discomfort is offset by something else associated with desire. You feel yourself, inspire confidence, and explore yourself. You know your body, this little discomfort is rewarded in many other ways. ”


Of course, this does not mean that we have to buy very beautiful and very uncomfortable shoes. Yet, which one of us has not had at least one such pair of beautiful heels that have given her blisters, but they have looked gorgeous on the legs and were worn with pride?


The best thing we can do is to find the golden mean and when we go out shopping for shoes, to search hard for our perfect pair of footwear. Perfect in this case means both exceptionally pretty and as much comfortable as possible.

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