You will know him by the shoes

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As incredible as it sounds, you can learn a lot about a man only from the type of his shoes. Subconsciously men choose shoes that in one way or another, express their identity, and this is a real facilitation for each lady. If you are wondering if the man at the next table is bound, successful, cheerful, too serious or too cheeky, just pay attention to what he is wearing. Men’s shoes will give you the answers to all these questions.

The bound man and the shoes

First it is important to note that when we give a justification of our allegations we mean the larger percentage of the male community, but not all. You have not forgotten the maxim that every rule has exceptions.

Bound men have feet on the ground when it comes to shoes, they always choose the most comfortable, which they can get hold of. Men’s shoes are available in a variety of styles and colors, but only bound men put comfort at the forefront. If you notice a man with black or dark brown shoes made ​​of leather or suede with laces and flat sole, then in 90% of the cases he is bound and cares about his partner.

The egocentric and the shoes

Egocentric men can be recognized by far. The shoes, possession of this type of gentlemen usually combine contrasting, bright colors, shiny fabrics, and often bizarre forms. Men’s shoes looking like this only have to indicate that you will never have a leading role in the life of such a man, his ego will always come first.

The successful man and the shoes

A successful man highly placed in the society has classic, stylish footwear with simple lines and elegant look. They are made of high quality materials and are never higher – than the knuckle. These are men’s shoes which are noticed not only by women but also by the men competitors.

The freedom-loving man and the shoes

Men with a free spirit are distinguished from the classical and formal types of men’s shoes. You can usually see them wearing sneakers or sports-elegant models that match their unstrained clothing. They are admirers of the fresh spring colors even in winter, they put comfort over luxury. Even if they work in an office, they always have a pair of sneakers by the hand. Freedom-loving men prefer shoes that would travel several kilometers with pleasure.

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